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Professional Development

A learning community is generally defined as an environment which supports and inspires the intellectual and professional growth of its members. ISACS considers each member school to be a learning community and strives to meet the learning needs of  those with diverse roles within the school who share a commitment to exceptional student learning.  ISACS seeks to support and develop the ongoing quest for new knowledge through a variety of resources and formats.  ISACS maintains a commitment to responding to current learning needs and to anticipating the needs of exceptional 21st century schools.
ISACS supports professional growth in member schools through the following:

  • A two-day annual conference featuring leading international experts in education and related fields
  • Multiple day-long workshops, each with a focus on current trends and research in varied educational topics
  • Several two-day events which provide for an extended conversation around specific topics
  • A formal leadership role for teachers through service as the school’s ISACS Representative (see Role of the ISACS Rep)
  • Updated and ever-changing resources on the ISACS website which include recommended reading, articles and handouts, and links to additional professional information
  • An annual institute dedicated to New Teachers
  • An annual conference dedicated to Heads of School
  • An annual conference dedicated to Division Heads
  • A Diversity Summit occuring every other year dedicated to the support and extension of diversity and equity initiatives at the school level
  • Multiple webinar presentations which provide a cost-effective and  efficient format for professional presentations and conversations
  • The opportunity to serve on accreditation visiting teams
  • The invitation to provide feedback to ISACS regarding the learning needs of those in member schools
  • Consultations with ISACS staff members
  • The opportunity to provide feedback related to the professional growth needs at the school

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