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Our Diverse Membership

Our member schools serve families with diverse backgrounds through a rich variety of academic programs. School enrollments range in socioeconomic status, religious affiliation, race and gender. ISACS Schools offer diverse curricular offerings, diverse missions (including arts schools, Montessori schools, schools with various religious affiliations, military schools, etc.) in varied geographic settings (from rural to urban) through a range of learning environments (day vs. boarding and coed vs. gender specific). Currently more than 230 member schools represent the following diverse categories:

  • 26% have a religious affiliation (74% are secular)
  • 11% offer a boarding option (89% are day schools)
  • 10% serve upper school students (grades 9 through 12)
  • 10% serve middle and upper school students (grades 6 or 7 through 12)
  • 44% serve elementary and middle school students (K through 8)
  • 37% serve students from early childhood through upper school (PK through12)

Distribution across thirteen Midwestern states ranges from forty-three schools in Missouri to one in Nebraska. Many schools include learners with special needs and several are dedicated only to students with exceptionalities.

Every member school, however unique, subscribes to the ISACS Standards for Membership. All schools demonstrate a clearly stated mission congruent with their program and practices. All schools undergo periodic school improvement plans identifying their strengths, challenges and plans and priorities in all aspects of their program and operations. ISACS teachers, administrators and staff are committed to providing educational quality and maximum possible fulfillment of students' educational needs in a broad spectrum of excellent schools. 

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