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Logos School
ISACS Membership status: Fully Accredited Member School

Address: 9137 Old Bonhomme
St. Louis, MO 63132
Telephone: (314) 997-7002
Fax: (314) 997-6848
Web site:
Grade Levels: 6-12
Enrollment: 95
Boarding/Day: Day
Gender: Coed
School Description:

Logos School is an independent, alternative, therapeutic middle and high school in St. Louis. We are dedicated to assisting students and their families with academic and emotional needs which have not been met in the traditional classroom. Founded in 1970, Logos has helped over 1400 at-risk adolescents obtain a high school diploma and develop the emotional stability to become productive young adults. Logos School's unique program consists of strong, individualized academics, innovative therapy, and parent involvement.

55 West Wacker, Suite 701 · Chicago, IL 60601 · Telephone (312) 750-1190 · Fax (312) 750-1193
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