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Community School
ISACS Membership status: Fully Accredited Member School

Address: 900 Lay Road
St. Louis, MO 63124
Telephone: (314) 991-0005
Fax: (314) 991-1512
Web site:
Grade Levels: PS-6
Enrollment: 346
Boarding/Day: Day
Gender: Coed
School Description:

Community School is an independent elementary school in St. Louis, Missouri, serving families with children from age 3 through sixth grade. Community has been one of the city’s premier private schools since 1914. From then until today, students excel in a balanced, challenging and joyful environment. Community sets the academic bar high. Rigorous coursework and challenging academic standards are supported by the 7:1 student/teacher ratio, which allows personalized attention for each student. Community teaches students not what to think, but how to think. They are encouraged to test and target the appropriate strategies that solve problems in the most efficient way. Area secondary schools have long been impressed with how well Community School prepares its graduates to move to higher levels of learning. Last year, Community’s students outscored 96% of other independent school across the nation on achievement tests. Music, art, physical education, drama, woodshop, and foreign language complement the academic program. The curriculum is fully integrated across subject areas, creating a rich learning experience. For example, while students may be learning about Egyptian pharaohs in history, they may be drafting reports about the pyramids for writing, drawing hieroglyphics in art, and putting on a play about Cleopatra in drama. These various mediums of self-expression help students find their voices and builds confidence. Community students feel at ease in front of others, and understand how to think and act on their feet. Community School develops character excellence from the very beginning, with strategies and programs that foster personal responsibility, teamwork, sportsmanship, cultural sensitivity, and a commitment to ecology. Through community service projects, students grow in social awareness and experience the satisfaction of helping others. All this takes place on a beautiful 16-acre semi-secluded wooded campus with a pond, nature trail, playing fields, and playgrounds, which provides infinite opportunities for discovery, observation, discussion, creativity and recreation. At Community School, parents are highly involved in the ongoing development and learning of their children. Parents are encouraged to be part of the Community School family and may often be found volunteering at the school. Their support plays a vital role in bringing the philosophy of the school to life.

55 West Wacker, Suite 701 · Chicago, IL 60601 · Telephone (312) 750-1190 · Fax (312) 750-1193
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