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Countryside School
ISACS Membership status: Fully Accredited Member School

Address: 4301 West Kirby Avenue
Champaign, IL 61822
Telephone: (217) 355-1253
Fax: (217) 355-7492
Web site:
Grade Levels: K-8
Enrollment: 134
Boarding/Day: Day
Gender: Coed
School Description:

Countryside School serves a remarkably diverse population of children in grades K-8 whose abilities are at or above grade level; its mission is to foster joy in learning and excellence in education. Through a hands-on, interactive style, students develop creativity along with skills in critical thinking, time management, and written and oral presentation. The elementary students, approximately 15 per grade, learn in combined classes (K/1, 2/3, and 4/5).  Each of these has a team of two teachers, one of whom is the primary contact teacher for each grade, and each occupies a classroom "suite" with a large main room for combined activities and breakout rooms for separate instruction. In middle school (6-8), core academic subjects are balanced with periods for fine arts, world languages, performance, and physical education, continuing the enriched, project-based curriculum. The result is strong academic achievement and balanced growth—intellectual, physical, emotional, and social—for every student. Now in its 23rd year, Countryside remains the only ISACS in the Champaign-Urbana metro area.

55 West Wacker, Suite 701 · Chicago, IL 60601 · Telephone (312) 750-1190 · Fax (312) 750-1193
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