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Ann Arbor Academy
ISACS Membership status: Fully Accredited Member School

Address: 1153 Oak Valley Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Telephone: (734) 747-6641
Fax: (734) 747-9994
Web site:
Grade Levels: 5-PG
Enrollment: 57
Boarding/Day: Day
Gender: Coed
School Description:

Ann Arbor Academy is a private, non-profit day school designed to meet the needs of students with non-traditional learning styles who flourish in a small learning environment. We offer a college preparatory curriculum to help prepare students for the demands of higher education and the workplace. This approach provides an ideal environment for students to discover their strengths, build self-confidence, and learn how to learn. Ann Arbor Academy is a member of the Learning Disabilities Association of Michigan, the International Dyslexia Association, and the Michigan Autism Society.  

55 West Wacker, Suite 701 · Chicago, IL 60601 · Telephone (312) 750-1190 · Fax (312) 750-1193
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