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West End School
ISACS Membership status: Fully Accredited Member School

Address: 3628 Virginia Avenue
Louisville, KY 40211
Telephone: (502) 776-5236
Fax: (502) 776-5238
Web site:
Grade Levels: PK-8
Enrollment: 150
Boarding/Day: Boarding & Day
Gender: Male
School Description:

West End School is free, private, college-prep elementary and middle school for at-risk young men. Admission is open to boys who are on free or reduced lunch, are capable of doing academic work at grade level or above and who would benefit from a safe environment and high expectations. West End School strives to address all of the issues boys in our community face by creating for its students an environment of high expectations not dependent on the culture at large. Through the School's rigorous academic and personal standards, we encourage our students to attain the highest possible level of scholarship, intellectual growth, responsibility and character.

55 West Wacker, Suite 701 · Chicago, IL 60601 · Telephone (312) 750-1190 · Fax (312) 750-1193
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