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DASL is an online tool independent schools can use to find actionable data related to all aspects of their school operations, including admission, enrollment, salaries, and more. A collaboration of more than 30 associations, DASL is the independent school community's repository of clean, comprehensive, usable data.

In DASL, you can run benchmarking reports to compare your schools' figures to national or regional figures, or to the customized comparison group of schools that you choose.

Participation in DASL is a key benefit of your ISACS membership, and your participation will provide data for your own strategic purposes while maximizing this resource for all ISACS schools.

Click here to access the DASL login page.

If you have any questions or are looking for assistance, please contact the ISACS Office and ask for Andy Gilla, Coordinator of Accreditation, Research, & Development, at (312) 750-1190 or email him at

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