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ISACS Spark - A Monthly Newsletter

The ISACS Spark is an initiative to provide our member schools with quick and engaging professional development opportunities to spark conversations in 15 minutes or less. These “sparks” can be used as food for thought or as opportunities to engage in larger conversations among peers. The ISACS Spark is sent throughout the school year and we hope you will find them helpful in stimulating conversations around exciting research related to teaching and learning.

The ISACS Spark has been developed by the Professional Services Committee (PSC). The PSC is comprised of teacher leaders from around the region who are passionate about professional development. All sites and clips have been reviewed and deemed appropriate for sharing. The ISACS Spark is sent on/about the first of each month during the school year to heads of school, division heads, assistant/associate heads, deans of faculty, deans of studies, directors of professional development and ISACS teacher representatives listed in the ISACS database.

Click on any month below to view a PDF version of that month's ISACS Spark newsletter. 






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