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The Accreditation Review Committee is a standing committee appointed by the ISACS President and Director of Accreditation Services. It consists of school heads and other administrators that have had extensive experience with accreditation; most will be experienced accreditation team leaders. Members of the Accreditation Review Committee generally serve for at least two 3-year terms.

It is the purpose of the Accreditation Review Committee to review all accreditation program procedures periodically and, more specifically, to review all accreditation reports (visiting team, reaction, progress, and provisional reports) on behalf of the board of trustees. The Accreditation Review Committee may accept or modify the recommendation for accreditation submitted by the visiting team and reports this to the board of trustees. In the case of an adverse recommendation (for accreditation), the school will be notified and will be given an opportunity to appeal, if it chooses, before final action by the board.

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